Welcome to the Circle T Hunting Club!
Welcome to our website. We are glad you have taken the time to look. Please feel free to navigate this site. If you are interested in joining our club, and we have openings, please fill out an application form. We will inform you of any openings we may have at a later date. All members please send pictures of deer taken to circlethunting@gmail.com. The best ones will make the website so you can display your trophy to friends.

Members: One reason we acquired this s
lease is due to trash on roads and camp areas. Also old stands, even ones left from old members, should also be removed. If you have an old stand in your hunting area it must be removed. due to the extra cleaning of the lease next years dues will increase $50.00 to a fee of $800.00 to compensate.

2015 dues will increase due to increase by land owner. this info will be pasted on as soon as we are informed of the amount.

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